Welcome to The Underground Multiplex!

Here you will find the nerve center of the craziness, silliness and (hopefully) awesomeness that is The Underground Multiplex, headed by Joseph R. Lewis and Lew Ojeda.

The Underground Multiplex is the arts collective that runs on your input and ideas. We strive to make our projects the most collaborative and entertaining ever, utilizing your personal genius to help make  it happen.

This is also the nerve center for all of our activities in Chicago and beyond, so check back with us daily!

Would you like to join us to receive free movies, music and comix? I thought so! In that case, please do sign up in the upper right hand corner and we’ll email goodies to you!

We also have a Facebook page (The Underground Multiplex); Twitter (TheUGMultiplex); Youtube page; Vimeo page; and the original website.  Check them out or, better still, continue coming here as all that material will make its way to this blog as well.

Would you like to join us and have fun while creating unique entertainment? Leave a comment saying so and we’ll email you back.

Feel free to always leave comments, suggestions, ideas, thoughts, whatever. We’d love to hear from you! And please tell your friends.




2 responses to “Welcome to The Underground Multiplex!

  1. Great post, Lew! Hilarious revisionist history is my fave

    • Thank you for your reply, Tru, but do keep in mind that the backstory of The Sisters of No Mercy is indeed accurate. Speculation arose recently with historical research into the chemical makeup of the chocolate produced by the convent. Was it in fact drugged? Time will tell.

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