Chris Damen Presents “Pusher” at Facets Night School, plus…

If you’re in Chicago this Saturday night at midnight, check out Facets Night School for “I Don’t Like the Danes, But the Danes Like Me,” the lecture on Nicolas Winding Refn’s intense drama Pusher, presented by Chris Damen. Chris is a stand-up comic and manager at Facets. Come out and support him!

Before the presentation, The Underground Multiplex will present Chapter 6 in the ongoing trailer series Sisters of No Mercy 3D. Can Mother Superior do battle with Father Neal, “Saint” Theresa, Hack Jack the Zombie Mack and the army of zombie hos? The only way you can bear witness is by attending Saturday night at midnight, Facets Multimedia, 1517 W. Fullerton in Chicago.

Bear Witness


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