Spoken Word Craziness That Actually Reached the Top 10

I want to give a heads up for my interview with Brian Kirst from BigGayHorrorFan.com this coming Wednesday night.

When I learned it’s for the Word Up! Spoken Word Variety Show, it made me think of some of the craziest old spoken word recordings I have: “blue” humor, political albums, stories for young & old, tearjerkers, etc.

One of the craziest is this response to the young generation from Victor Lundberg in 1967. “Open Letter to My Teenage Son,” which included some reasonable points, goes way over the edge by the end as Lundberg tells his son that if he burns his draft card, he can burn his birth certificate as well, because “I have no son.” Somehow, this was recorded on a 45 and made the top ten in a meteoric rise and fall on the Billboard charts.  Here’s an illustrated interpretation of the tune:

I promise that if my interview is crazy, it’ll be good crazy not bad crazy.




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