The Crazy Story Behind the Filming of Sisters of No Mercy 3D Chapter 7

As TUGM winds down its production of Sisters of No Mercy 3D to its final two weeks, a couple of things became apparent.

First, finishing off a series and accounting for the characters introduced in them is pretty tricky work. You have to find days and times when different actors with wildly different schedules can be available.

Second, something screwy is going to happen to your best laid plans. Case in point, the saga of Joe Lewis’ car.

I had already mentioned Joe’s car dying here. But now for the full crazy story.

Joe was just about to begin a new job with a school in the northern suburbs helping spread the joy and fun of filmmaking to needy kids.  Despite the relatively low pay, it was a promising heartwarming venture, especially when the kids hadn’t much to look forward to except sitting in oven-baked and darkened summer classrooms, while wondering if the late afternoon sun will blind them as they leave.  Of course, for the few minutes of enjoyment the kids looked forward to, the barefoot urchins had to walk over broken glass left unswept by an “oversight.”

Welcoming classroom (Credit: Kelsey C.)

With his car loaded with lighting gear and costumes, Joe drove off in the blazing heat of 100 degrees. He had the stamina but the car didn’t by deciding to conk out on the highway while the children shyly nibbled their mid-afternoon gruel.

What to do? Joe couldn’t let the children down.  Though exhausted and slightly dehydrated, he got out of the car and pushed it out of the highway and two miles down the exit towards the school. Part of his body wanted to give up, but the telepathic cries of the children boosted his resolve.

Arriving at the school an hour late–quite the miracle, given the circumstances–he was immediately greeted by the school’s administrator. That “welcome” was very similar to the one demonstrated by this young man:

Knowing he had his work cut out for him, Joe greeted each of the dewy-eyed youngsters, each having the look of “help me” on their precious faces.  And he did.

He put on the best show ever as the kids, shyly at first, joined in one by one to create an on-the-spot carnival show of glee and fun. The energy from the excitement seared the black paint off the walls to expose beautiful bright colors. The baking heat broke as a wondrous cool breeze blew through the windows and a passing Good Humor truck, its driver taking pity on the waifs, gave all the kids ice cream as the evil administrator melted in shame.

Once he was done, Joe got a boost from the Good Humor truck and headed back to film SONM3D with the cast. But alas, the car broke down again in the summer heat.

Walking back home without lighting gear and costumes, Joe and the talented cast devised a way to perform and film Chapter 7 in a new and experimental way.

You’ll get to witness this on tomorrow night for Facets Night School, you lucky attendees.




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