Cinematrocities Crazy Film Recommendation

I will soon come up with a list of must-see unseen films for my workplace, but I will also give you readers out there a taste of what to expect with the new webseries Cinematrocities.

Tonight’s recommendation is a truly hilariously campy horror film from Rene Cordona, Jr. who with his dad (Sr.) created a two-man dynasty of Latin American drive-in and grindhouse trash classics, churning out such bad taste cheapies like Night of the Bloody Apes, Survive! and Guyana: Cult of the Damned.

Junior’s Night of 1000 Cats is probably one of the least complicated films you’ll ever watch. A rich crazy guy named Hugo lives in a spooky castle with only his mute helper Dorgo (looking like a parody of any and all Igors you’ve ever seen). He heads off on his helicopter to find beautiful women to impress, bring back to his castle and murder. Their bodies are then ground into fresh meal for his 1000 cats he keeps in the world’s largest litter box, thus avoiding the costly expense of buying Purina Cat Chow.

Here’s the trailer for this dandy:




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