Back ‘bout September, 2010

I remember feeling the madness then, acutely, but I knew my way thru. When it came to ecstatic adventures and grand designs on destiny- best for me to just stay lost until I discover myself already arrived at a destination. But back in September, 2010 I was still very much mid-whirl.

I had set Halloween as my dream-date for debuting Scumbabies, Halloween being a kind of divine time for my family (much more-so than XMAS). I think it had something to do with escape from identity. In 20-20 hindsight, I recognize that as also  being why Scumbabies takes place on Halloween. I was eager to finish. Hell, I was desperate to finish.

The limbo into which I had flung myself so gleefully this time around had turned out to be much darker and expansive than any I had explored making my previous flicks. To find my way thru I made friends with dangerous demons and I was beginning to feel their oozes seeping down into parts of me that would not be easy to carve out. Each day that passed without SCUM completion necessitated the mastery of ever-more sharp and precise extraction knives.

That’s why I was lucky to meet Legendary Lew when I did.

Legendary Lew hailed from my hometown of Rochester, NY. There was something immediately recognizable about him. I liked his stories and his ideas, feeling immediately how they were cushioning me from rushing foreclosure of the very-bottom.

He gave elaborate, entertaining lectures at a nearby cinemateque – his personal mission to inform a largely disinterested public of the necessary knowledge they never knew they needed about movies and movements of which few had ever heard. Just my kind of maniac.

Legendary Lew invited me to screen a trailer for SCUM ahead of his talk on the glories of a short-lived genre of violent, sexy religious films grouped together under the name “nunsploitation”. Seemed to be appropriate company.

Whether we were aware of it or not, Legendary Lew was pushing me away from my madness. I wouldn’t complete SCUM for another few months, but seeing some of it’s footage up on a big screen in front of a raucous, receptive audience, was the first time it occurred to me that there may have been a reason for me to make SCUM other than my own uncontrollable wounding wanderlust. Before then, there was nothing but the search. But sitting in that theatre, I thought perhaps the searching would be over soon, and the sharing could start


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