Exciting Year for The Underground Multiplex Recapped

Happy Holidays from The Underground Multiplex! This past year has been amazing! When Joe and I recounted what transpired from November 2010 to now, we were astonished at all the work we’ve completed.

* Scumbabies screened at Martyrs and the Cyphan convention in Chicago and at The Little Theatre in Rochester, NY.

* We created two promo trailers for Facets Multimedia for Facets Night School and Facets Fright School.

* Joe and I hosted lectures and screening of some of our favorite crazy films like Killer Klowns from Outer Space, The Boneyard and Edupalooza: The Educational and Industrial Film Festival and the Chicago Connection.

* We performed at the opening screening for Shock Theater at Wicker Park Arts Center.

* We filmed here in Chicago and in Madison, WI for Sisters of No Mercy and The Wisconsin Exorsisters and released the short films online, the first also shown at The Cellblock with help of The Horror Society.

* We filmed Sisters of No Mercy 3D during Facets Night School in 8 parts as part of an experiment exploring how films can be made and edited in conjunction with a live entertainment experience.

* Had interviews with Brian Kirst and Dominic Mayer for “Word Up!” and “The Curious Sophisticate,” respectively. We also performed comedy and music for Brian’s “Flesh Hungry Dog’s Zombie A Go-Go” Show at Jackhammer.

* Debuted Sisters of No Mercy 3D, TUGM’s first feature film incorporating elements of live entertainment interacting with film to create a work that many viewers (approaching us after the show) said was a revelation.

* We filmed and released online the first two episodes of Cinematrocities, our new movie webseries concentrating on “hidden” cinema.

*We finished SciFiSol, our newest and most exciting feature yet and was accepted for a performance and screening at Chicago’s upcoming CIMMFest.

And this was only our first year! We’re just getting started.

My many thanks to the businesses who were so gracious to giving TUGM a chance: Martyrs, Facets Multimedia, Odd Obsession, The Little Theatre, Jackhammer, Wicker Park Arts Center.

Hugs and kisses to our amazing volunteers: Amy, Andrew, Angela, Adriana, Bruce, Joe R., Brian K., Brian J., Lielie, Josh, Jenny, Tim, Dominic, Jimmy, Jason C., Jason L., Susan, Katie, Nathan, Christa, Chris B., Kenzie, Douglas, Erin, Dan, Melody Nife, Sarah, Jonathan, Jon Lewis, Judith, Mitch, Taylor, Kristin, Drew and any others who I may be unfortunately forgetting right now.

All of this could not have been done without the great work of my co-hort Joseph Lewis. You have changed my life and I can’t thank you enough.

Now for 2012 and even more madness! Have a great New Year!

I leave you this holiday treat: a cute 4-yr. old sings Living Saints from Polar Bear Club:


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