The Multiplex at Sundance: Celebrating Weird Indie

Sundance 2012 in Park City, Utah

Beautiful, bizarre, and strange sights were interlaced at Sundance 2012.


It’s The Underground Multiplex coming to you live from the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. It’s the land of skiers, snowboarders, and indie filmmakers.

Having spent the past week on crowded buses and in equally cramped screenings, I’m ready to decompress and tell the TUGM crowd about one of the weirdest movies I’ve ever seen: “John Dies at the End.”

This film is part of the Sundance “Park City at Midnight” screenings, a program that includes scary, bizarre, and sexually-charged movies. “John Dies at the End” is a little bit of each, but mainly it’s just really, really out there.

The story centers around Dave and his titular friend John, both of whom have pseudo-psychic abilities and fight evil beings for fun in their spare time. They weren’t born special, though, and a large portion of the non-linear narrative centers around explaining how Dave and John came to be involved in a battle protecting earth from dark creatures from another realm. The secret: soy sauce.

“Soy sauce” is the name of the drug John and Dave are exposed to that turns their brains up a level, giving them awareness of the other-worldly events taking place around them.

Filled with evil beings, guns, police, amputees, and Paul Giamatti, this movie has the potential to become an underground cult classic. If you get a chance to see this (distribution still hasn’t been announced yet), drop everything else you’re doing, bring a bottle of “soy sauce” to the screening, and get ready for one of the most unique cinematic experiences of your life.

And don’t let the title fool you. You really have no idea what to expect.


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