TUGM’s Lew Ojeda opens Facets Night School with Amin Shocker Biopic

Yes, that’s right. Lew Ojeda will be hosting “Idi’s Eye Scream: The 42nd Street Viewing Experience of Amin: The Rise and Fallnext Saturday night Feb. 25th at midnight.  It’s the opener of the midnight cult movie series “Reel People and Events” at Facets Night School, Facets Multimedia, 1517 W Fullerton, Chicago IL.

We’ll be recording live for a future episode of “Cinematrocities,” plus we’ll have trailers of future TUGM events, some creative fun and free Edy’s ice cream for attendees.

This is already Facets’ 10 series of midnight lectures and screenings of some of the wildest, craziest films ever made. Amin: the Rise and Fall certainly falls into that category. Directed in haste by Sharad Patel six months after Idi Amin was deposed in a coup in 1979, this film mercilessly exposes the reign of terror that was the insane Amin leadership, but with unexpected (and unintentionally hilarious) results. Learn about the Amin regime, why Joseph Olita should have won the Oscar for playing Amin instead of Forrest Whitaker,  and how this movie found just the right audience.

Admission is just $5! FREE for Facets members! Support your local theaters and artists.




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