Cast/Crew Party of “Sci Fi Sol” Feb. 1, 2012

The Underground Multiplex held a cast/crew party on Feb. 1st for the first-ever showing of Sci Fi Sol, the exciting new feature making its public debut at CIMMFest on April 13th.  (It’s a great festival of movies and music. Go here for more info).

The 40-seat screening room at Facets Multimedia filled up twice for our event, livened by a nicely decorated reception by Jenny Grist.  We were quite pleased

with the response.  Most of those associated with the film were able to make it including Taylor Bibat (pictured below), who played “Violet Raygun,” one of the laser-toting, video game gals in the movie.

TUGM regular Lielie Kaehn-Jarvis was on hand to provide sci-fi glam makeup to  visitors. We had some takers (thank you, folks!). She also provided the great make-up of the zombie prostitute dancers of Sisters of No Mercy 3D.

Our thanks to all those who came out that great night! To everyone else: you’ll be able to enjoy the fun of Joe and Dave Asher’s great film along with Dave’s live performance at CIMMFest on Friday, April 13th.  Buy your tickets here!



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