Cinematrocities Audio Podcast #1: Amin the Rise and Fall

The Underground Multiplex presents the debut of Cinematrocities audio podcast! (You can view two video podcasts here).

In this episode, Lew recounts his final day on the job of Trash Talkin’, the legendary Rochester, NY cable access TV show sponsored by Dolly “Dolt” Dentura Enterprises. The corporation is best known for manufacturing PIST ® Brand Undergarments (“When you gotta go, you gotta get PIST“) and Dentura Chili, made with real meat products and 16% less sodium than other leading brands. The film recommendation: Amin The Rise and Fall by Sharad Patel. NSFW Language and situations.

Guests: Barry Brennessel, Jason Coffman, Lielie Kaehn-Jarvis
Host: Lew Ojeda
Opening/Closing Theme: “Acid” by Yawn
Original Music: “NWB” by Nate Wells
With additional music by Esquivel, Laurie Johnson, Keith Mansfield and Muzak.
Written, Produced, Directed and Edited by Lew Ojeda
A Production of The Underground Multiplex

Save the Portage Theater!
Chicago’s historic Portage Theater is being threatened with takeover by a church that turned down two non-functioning buildings in favor of one that’s the home to numerous non-profit independent film societies. Find out how you can stop the acquisition of this national treasure.

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