Pictures and Info from The “Save the Portage Meeting” on 3/26/2012

Last night’s meeting to Save the Portage Theatre drew hundreds of people. That theater looked pretty darn full of supporters wanting to keep The Portage the vibrant center of entertainment that it is and not to sell it to a church.

I took some pictures where I was there. Scroll down to the bottom to learn how you can help regardless of whether you were able to attend last night.

Jeremy and Lyn from Replica Chicago, which donated "Save the Portage Theater" t-shirts for the event

Line of registration tables lining from the front doors to the concession lobby accommodating hundreds of theater lovers

45th Ward Alderman John Arena interviewed about his support of The Portage Theater

Legendary Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka gives his thumbs up for The Portage

Huge turnout of supporters in a theater seating 1300

BTW, when this meeting was well under way, the attendance numbered over 1000.

Additional info on how you can help:

1)  Patronize The Portage Theater and the surrounding businesses in Portage Park, Six Corners and Old Irving Park Neighborhoods.  When you visit any of their businesses, tell them you support The Portage Theater as it is. They need to hear that The Portage has backers.

2) Write to the Zoning Board of Appeals and tell them you oppose the special use permit requested by The Chicago Tabernacle.  The Portage Park Neighborhood Association made it easy for you by creating a letter you can print, personalize and sign HERE.  You can choose to mail to the Zoning Board address at the top of the letter, but to be on the safe side, I would highly suggest you mail a copy also to Alderman John Arena’s 45th Ward address at the bottom of the letter or present the letter there in person. The Alderman wants to be at the hearing with a stack of hundreds of letters opposing the theater buyout.

3) Mark your calendar for when the Zoning Board of Appeals meets to discuss the issue. It’ll be in April. At last night’s meeting we were told that the Board has a morning and afternoon session and visitors will not know in advance what time their matter will go under review. Thus, if you plan to go, be sure to schedule time off work and be prepared to be there all day.

4) Inform everyone. The Portage Theater is vital, not only to the economic strength of the surrounding neighborhoods, but to Chicago also. To have this city be a center of independent arts entertainment, we need to keep these indie venues alive.



3 responses to “Pictures and Info from The “Save the Portage Meeting” on 3/26/2012

  1. Thanks again Lew for all you have been doing, we enjoy your endeavors with complete abandon!!!

  2. Thanks for supporting the Portage Theater

  3. If you want to know who you’re up against. Check out

    Chicago tabernacle is part of assemblies of god. They believe in speaking in tongues and all that jazz and I guess by proxy they imprison children.

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