The Portage Theater Attains Landmark Status!

Just call me Landmark, baby.

From Alderman John Arena via the Facebook page “Save the Portage Theater”:

I’m happy to share a great victory with you today: The Landmark Commission just voted unanimously to bestow preliminary landmark status on The Portage Theater. This change will protect the building’s facade, lobby areas and theater space from alterations until the city completes a longer and more extensive study.

There’s more. Go read it. Excellent news!

As the Alderman states, however, The Chicago Tabernacle could still technically acquire the purchase via the Zoning Board of Appeals approval. The landmark status would just forbid them from making the changes that would keep it from looking like anything other than the original theater. Thus, the purchase would be less desirable.

The Zoning Board of Appeals hearing is April 20th. If you are headed there to support, please be there by 9am and expect to be there all day. Keep the pressure on by writing the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Lastly, go to the movies! The Portage is hosting film events by the Northwest Chicago Film Society, The Silent Film Society of Chicago, The Chicago Cinema Society, Spook Show Entertainment and others. Patronize the surrounding businesses and let them know you love The Portage Theater as it is.

2 responses to “The Portage Theater Attains Landmark Status!

  1. This is were magic begins. Have a good time Fri. and enjoy “Sherlock Holmes.”

  2. What we do not need is a church on this site. There is enough traffic congestion around here. Every day there are religious people ringing our door bells and trying to talk to us about their religion. The theater has long been a source available to seniors who cannot travel long distances to see a movie.

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