CISPA makes SOPA and PIPA Look Like The Bill of Rights

If you don’t know about CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act), learn fast (get a good rundown of the version passed by Congress here).

The version that just passed Congress is worse than what even started with amendments added that would make everyone prone to government, military and corporate spying.

“Well, that’s already happening.” you might say? Certain aspects of CISPA make it worse, like practically destroying FOIA (The Freedom of Information Act), which is one of the only laws allowing for government transparency.

Also, if any of those institutions misuse your private info, you won’t be able to sue. This also goes for Facebook, Google or any other social media company that hands over your information. Your private info would be left in the hands of people who will shit on your right to privacy if they have to weigh that against profits. Count on it.

The White House said they would veto this bill. Don’t sit back and expect that to happen! Make the President veto it.

FDR stated it once about signing certain bills that he favored. He wanted the public outcry to “make him do it.” President Obama has said the same on the campaign trail.

Get active about this NOW.

Read and share this with your family and friends via social media.

Find your Senators and the number for the White House here. Call them and tell them to kill this bill. When you do call, follow the handy tips listed below courtesy of a Congressional staffer who works in DC:

  1. Only call the Representatives who actually represent you- any calls we get from out of our district are disregarded.
  2. Be prepared to give your name and address, any caller that refuses to do this has their call disregarded.
  3. Be polite and to the point-you only need to say your opinion on CISPA, not explain WHY you have that opinion.

Please don’t call repeatedly, because we only take the same person’s message once-additionally, don’t call with made up names and addresses.

Join the Facebook group Stop CISPA.  Head to Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) and support them. Tweet, of course.

We stopped SOPA. We can stop this horrible bill also.


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