Cinematrocities Audio Podcast #2: Flush

Wow. Finally got the next episode of Cinematrocities up.
Lew takes a ride with his friend Ben to pick up his sister
Victoria and gets an unexpected surprise.

This episode’s “rediscovered” movie is Flush, a travesty of a comedy from 1977, starring a bunch of people you haven’t heard of but probably have seen on TV or in movies in bit parts. Most likely, you will have heard some of these actors as cartoon characters.

With Lew Ojeda. Opening and closing theme is “There’s No Stopping Me” by Vamos. Additional music by Nate Wells and from the Mau Mau Sex Sex soundtrack with the tune, “Slow Grind.”

NSFW Language and situations

Reminder: I’ll be presenting “Cinematrocities” performed live at Facets Multimedia in Chicago to kick off TUGM’s Sh!thouse CineCircus and Facets Trash-O-Rama Summer Night School on Saturday evening June 23rd at midnight!


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