MPAA’s Chris Dodd to Personally Lobby His Buddies for Anti-Piracy Bills in Congress Beginning 1/2013

Chris Dodd imagining a beautiful world where he runs the Internet

Kevin Collier at The Daily Dot picks up on something Chris Dodd said a few days ago in discussing SOPA and other related anti-piracy legislation:

“I can’t say anything to them (Congress) about this for another seven months, but I think my colleagues understand how important this is,” he said in an interview with Variety.

Dodd has to wait because of legislation passed requiring him, as a former Senator, to wait until a full two years after leaving office to lobby anyone in Congress.

Does the phrase “my colleagues” refer to others in the MPAA or to his former co-horts on Capitol Hill? I wonder.

Now that the internet has the early word that he’s going to pull this stunt and try more anti-piracy legislation–albeit a “gentler” sounding variety–I’m sure he’ll be countered. Keep people informed and join organizations like Fight for the Future to help stop future attacks.


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