A Kickstarter Campaign to Restore Sexploitation Films? You Bet!

Joe Rubin of Process Blue (Courtesy: Mr. Skin)

Spielberg and Scorsese may be busy trying to fund the restorations of classic American films, but sexploitation and porn–in existence since the birth of movies–barely get serious mention for saving.

That’s why I’m glad Mr. Skin profiled Joe Rubin, a friend of The Underground Multiplex (he appears in our trailer for Sisters of No Mercy), and his serious attempts to restore these previously ignored films.

The current Kickstarter campaign for the film company he co-founded, Process Blue, is raising money to help restore three previously lost sexploitation movies by exploitation movie genius Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Ecstasies of Women, Linda & Abilene and Black Love.

Head on over to Mr. Skin’s profile (note: NSFW pics) here. Then, show some money love and contribute to Process Blue’s great work at their Kickstarter site.


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