Homophobic Preachers Having a Problem with That Social Media Thing

If I were an atheist trying to win converts, I would be sending gigantic ‘thank you’ cards to some of those crazy preachers who became news makers over the past couple of weeks. Nothing increases the numbers of the unbelieving better than having entranced anti-gay bigots express concern about Eiffel Tower unions, give approval of a Pink Triangle Holocaust 2.0, or happily cheer on a toddler parroting the adults’ hatred of gays. How ironic that the psychotic fear of child indoctrination–long a staple of the arsenal that homophobes use against the advancement of gay rights–supposedly has no play in that viral video generating disgust from thousands of viewers. Straight people who’ve seen the light: now you know what LGBT people have had to deal with for almost forever.

I won’t go over the pathetic blathering of these loser preachers. You can click on the hyperlinks if you wish. However, I’m very intrigued about what happens after the viral videos and radio spots.  It’s pretty clear from the reactions of some of these folks they have no idea of the power of social media. None.

One Million Moms, which in reality is Less Than 50,000 Moms if you take their Facebook numbers into account, got a case of the holy water vapors when DC Comics announced The Green Lantern would come out as gay. They posted the “shameful” announcement on FB and promptly was inundated with cheers for the comic. Ooops! Didn’t expect so many people would actually like a gay character. Sorry, but we’ll just take down our Facebook page, because we’re “attending Bible school” and make ourselves look ridiculous, shall we?

Pastor Jeff Sangl, whose Apostolic Truth Tabernacle Church hosted the toddler brainwashing contest, flew the coop with his wife and put the church on lock down.  Oh, those bad and nasty gays are making death threats to them, right? The county sheriff says otherwise.

Charles Worley, the preacher who wants to kill off the gays and lesbians behind an electrified fence, remains defiant and refuses to talk to anyone. However, those at his home are ready and willing to have guns exposed on their torsos to stop the onslaught of quarrs ready to indoctrinate the bearish blowhard to same sex love. (Oh God, perish the thought!) How lucky he is to have people even dumber than he is come forth to the media and make complete mockeries of their humanness. Video is forever, Stacey. You’ll need to work this out later. But when you do, our eyes will be on you. You see, that’s what social media does best. What you and the lame-brained Sunday morning asshole can’t fathom is how you would ever explain his batshit fucking crazy rant publicly in any way that even comes close to feasible, so your complete and utter interview fail will be the laughing stock of Christianity. Don’t worry though. Worley won’t do any better. Hell, he just had an avowed anti-gay, right-wing Christian Republican publicly turn against him.

And speaking of how to lose friends and deter people, the gay-hating Family Research Council just gave it’s top annual award to Ron Baity, who found ample opportunities to prove himself worthy of a straight-jacket fitting.

You would think the right-wing Jesus establishment would be jumping for joy about this, but Baity’s “honor” was too much for the Southern Baptist Convention, which publicly distanced itself from Baity and the other lunatics.

Hell, even that Factory of “Ex-Gay” Fraud–Exodus International–couldn’t stand it anymore.  Its president, Alan Chambers, came out (excuse the pun) against having that nutcase get an award. When you have a fraudulent organization slam a hate group for giving honors to another fraud, you’ve really got something going.

So rather than having these videos spread the word of God, these vids completely blew up in the bigots’ faces.  Social media pages get slammed, interviews go poorly or not at all, opposition increasingly gets vocal and your own allies turn against you–all the very opposite of how social media exposure is supposed to work for you.

At this rate, these preachers will have to go into self-exile in the desert. Hey, it would be Biblical, wouldn’t it?


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