Do Hollywood Studios Realize They Have a Working Relationship with Torrent Sites?

TorrentFreak reports today of the daily takedown efforts of sites like isoHunt, KickAss Torrents and Extratorrent.

Despite painting these sites as lawless bastards bent on destroying the entertainment industry, these sites and others apparently follow through on DMCA takedown requests, sometimes numbering thousands monthly. That is, of course, if the studios bother to even make the requests in the first place.

BitSnoop complied with over 360,000 takedown requests since December.  ExtraTorrent drops about 3000 links monthly. KickAss almost tripled the number of takedowns since January. And isoHunt, many times, surprises those requesting takedowns with responses within 5 business days.

But studios want these companies wiped out? Really? Seems like they’re doing the work Hollywood wants done without breaking into homes and seizing legal files. Silly execs.



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