Homophobic Pastor Jeff Sangl Draws Out the Torture for Himself and His Parishioners

Pastor Jeff Sangl and his wife

It’s amazing how you can make dumb moves when your very profession requires you to make good judgments.

Pastor Jeff Sangl, who I mentioned as one of the preachers clueless as to the power of social media and how to respond to it, apparently did not tell anyone that he fled the country. One of his parishioners stated that he and his wife were in Italy. I’ll bet they’re shielding their eyes from the horrifying demonic powers of Michelangelo’s “David” and can imagine their genuine delighted surprise that ravioli can be freshly made (“It’s not out of a can, honey!”).

Meanwhile, his parishioners back home are having to deal with how his church tore his community apart.  The open and loving church is forbidding CNN from entering and questioning anyone about the viral incident for “security reasons,” despite the police and Sangl’s own son citing no credible threats. Nice deflection of the “victim” card by the church “security.”

We’re assured from one of the attendees that the congregation feels oh so bad about the whole thing (“oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah”). You mean, you feel bad that it happened or that it was found out? Awful lot of cheering going on that morning  for feeling so bad.

So, Asstor, when you and your wife get back home and launder the tomato sauce stains out of your clothes, you’ll have to answer questions about why the toddler singing incident was allowed to happen and why you cheered. Additionally, I would love to find out why you abandoned your church during its crisis, lied about death threats and took off to Italy on what was probably the dime of your parishioners and taxpayers. The IRS would love to hear your response to that question, I’m sure.

Homophobic preachers, please keep fucking up like this.


One response to “Homophobic Pastor Jeff Sangl Draws Out the Torture for Himself and His Parishioners

  1. Good work on exposing this. Still, based on what we already knew, you weren’t expecting him to act intelligently, were you?

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