“Charles Worley” Gives Money to LGBT Community Center!

Worley almost has that Nazi salute down

Actually, no. Worley personally didn’t give money to any LGBT community center. He’s taken the Sangl route and sealed his fat mouth about the crazy Holocaust sequel rant that got him in trouble.

A clever Greensboro, NC minister, however, found a way to embarrass him and do some good. Reverend Mark Sandlin of Vandalia Presbyterian Church helped form a non-violent protest in which people would donate money to the LGBT Community Center in Charlotte, NC in Charles Worley’s name.

As a result, every donation gets a mailed response thanking the donor and keeping him abreast of LGBT issues and news in the community. Imagine the blowhard preacher receiving hundreds of these notices. I love it!

Reverend Sandlin did it right and it’s something the Christian Left can learn: don’t sit on the sidelines and be vocal to the traditional media about your opposition. With the internet available and TV stations looking for a new angle on a scandal, there’s no excuse to keep silent and let just the LGBT community fight back alone.

And to the homophobic preacher, stop ruining the good name of Worley:


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