Repost: Tomorrow is Do or Die for The Portage Theater to Be Saved from a Church Takeover–Your Help is Crucial

Note: I plan on being there with my “Save the Portage Theater” T-Shirt generously donated by Replica Chicago, Inc. Get there early and in great numbers by 9am. Be ready for a long day there. The Chicago Tabernacle is planning on being there in full force. Hopefully, I can take pictures.

The final Zoning Board meeting determining the future of The Portage Theater will be held on Friday, June 15, 2012. This could determine if The Portage Theater can be saved from being purchased by a megachurch for their own use and alterations.

The Zoning Board meeting will be held:
Friday, June 15, 2012
9am at 121 N LaSalle Rm 200
Chicago, IL

If you plan to go, be sure to be ready to attend the entire day. Take the day off work if need be. In addition, you can write to the Zoning Board using this letter and email it Alderman John Arena.

Phillip Schwartz, President of Portage Park Neighborhood Association, is trying to organize a busload of 50 people or more to attend the meeting. However, he needs to know by Monday, June 11 if he will have enough people to make this happen. Contact the PPNA at, contact them here or join the PPNA on Facebook and tell them you’d like to get on the bus.

Then, on Saturday, you can wear your sunglasses at night and help Portage Park break a world record! Bring your sunglasses for the free event at The Portage Theater, featuring singer/songwriter Corey Hart as he performs the hit tune. They’re shooting for 1300 or more fans. Yeah, it can happen.


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