July 28th at midnite, Facets Nite School was rocked by a superhero lecture by’s Jef Burnham.  His presentation of YOR: HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE had the audience gripped in a loincloth-induced state of delirium until they were shaken from their altered state by a LIVE appearance by none other than YOR, himself (accompanied by his primitive and beautiful girlfriend).  After a quick interview and a word or two about choice meats, he disappeared in an explosion of lasers.



Get your very own copy of the YOR: HYMNAL (from the future) in glorious .pdf
Designed and Provided by the esteemed Jef Burnham.

Also, check out the RAGING 80s ROCK title song YOR’S WORLD by Guido &  Mauricio De Angelis  DOWNLOAD RIGHT HERE 4 FREE

What could Facets Night School offer that would top that?  Find out this Saturday at midnight when author/cult leader KATIE RIFE presents the sleazoid universe of Road Show pioneer Ron Ormond and a rare screening of PLEASE DON’T TOUCH ME!  Featuring a LIVE PUBLIC HYPNOSIS!  Give us your brains and come JOIN THE CIRKUS at FACETS, SUMMER 2012


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