Cinematrocities Audio Podcast #3: Dominick Mayer on Myra Breckinridge

Dominick Mayer presents the story behind the notorious production of the notorious Hollywood failure. This film deserves more of a cult following than its received so far. Here’s hoping we can help!

This production was organized before the passing of the great Gore Vidal.  Give a listen to the dramatic reading throwdown by members of the audience, “Vidal” and his nemesis “Norman Mailer” before the lecture.

Presented at Facets Multimedia on July 22, 2012
Produced by Lew Ojeda for The Underground Multiplex
Hosted by Lew Ojeda. With Joseph Lewis, Lew Ojeda and guest Dominick Mayer,  contributor to HeaveMedia. Original music by Nate Wells.

NOTE: During the introduction of the podcast, I incorrectly stated the date of the event as August 12, 2012. The event actually took place on July 22, 2012. Oops, sorry.

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