Welcome to The Trampling Channel!

Happy Black Friday! I’m posting as many videos of Black Friday 2012 crushing, stomping, trampling, fighting and other assorted nonsense as I can find. If you come across any not yet posted here, let me know and I’ll paste them on.

In the meantime, please show support for the Walmart striking workers calling for better pay and working conditons.

Deals so WILD, you’ll abandon your children!

Did I say “you’ll abandon your children?”

And, of course, Texas is the only place you can pull a gun on a shopper during the most stressful retail day of the year and NOT get hauled off to jail.

When was the last time you took on a fight at J. C. Penney’s?

Almost stampede:

And, of course, animated WTF from Asia:

“Cops got called in” (after a disturbance when the TVs were sold out):

UPDATE:  Don’t pass out in the lingerie aisle.

UPDATE: Don’t cut in line.

UPDATE: Triple the dumbassedness— driving while hooched, going to Black Friday at Walmart and hitting two others while doing so.

UPDATE: Scalping tickets for $20-40 apiece so that you can further pay money for a $200 plasma TV.  One woman goes batshit and is escorted out. How long will the TVs last before they hit the repair shop/Craigslist?

UPDATE: K(ill)-Mart.

UPDATE: Store gate lowered during a fight. Quick! To the storage room!

UPDATE: The best shovers get the phones. Plus, as an added bonus, get arrested shoplifting when you know this day will bring the police out in large force.

UPDATE: Pulling a gun out in Old Navy? Are you sure it wasn’t meant for themselves?

UPDATE: Two shot over one parking space at Wal-Mart. Bad ratio.

UPDATE: Stevie Lynne provided this picture on Twitter of a cashier being taken by stretcher out of a Dick’s Sporting Goods store.

UPDATE: Wal-Mart employee trampled by crowd buying video game. Wonder if Wal-Mart execs will pay for any hospital expenses, ahem.


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