Is Jamie Kennedy the Most Brilliant Man in Entertainment Right Now? I’m Serious.

Jamie Kennedy Trying to Control his Out of Control NYE Special

Jamie Kennedy Trying to Control his Out of Control NYE Special

A few days after Jamie Kennedy’s New Years Eve Special, “First Night” on KDOC rocked the internet world with its disastrous highlights gone viral, Kennedy gave an interview to the New York Times saying he meant for it to go this way:

It was totally supposed to be like that. We wanted to make almost an anti-New Year’s Eve show, and the recipe calls for unexpected. We had an open bar for our guests, we were unrehearsed. It was not glamorous. We shot at the apex of craziness on Hollywood Boulevard on New Year’s Eve, in front of one of the most highly visible places, the Chinese Theater, and it was more like a block party type of feel.

This was probably the smartest response he could have possibly ever given. He knows this is a massive viral hit, regardless of whether it’s the “worst NYEve special ever.” Perhaps it is, but it sure as hell is entertaining. I’ve already watched the highlights 4 times and could watch them another 40 more. Some on the internet have already declared this “the” viral video of 2013.  He already has a sponsor interested for next year and Marilyn Manson apparently wants to be a part of it.

That’s massive success, my friends.

One piece of advice for Jamie:  please, please don’t change anything. Keep the open bar. Keep the same video production crew. If they were drunk that night, get them drunk next broadcast, too.  This approach will work, because it’s a New Years Eve. People expect general nuttiness on that night, so you can definitely get away with that.

You’ve shown interest in an Oscars special, probably taking  an “anti-Oscar” path similar to the way you approached “First Night.” I think that would be a mistake. Don’t concentrate on the Oscars. Your approach would work much better in a Razzies special. The Razzies still haven’t worked out a TV deal. Here’s your chance. John Wilson, head of Razzies, start talking with Jamie. This is the direction you want to go.



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