Mediatrocities Podcast #4: Celebrating Mrs. Miller with Special Guest Actor/Director Tyler Pistorius

Mrs. Miller doing her thing

Mrs. Miller doing her thing

Mediatroticities and The Underground Multiplex celebrates the work of one of the greatest musical satirists ever, Mrs. Elva Miller, who skyrocketed to relatively brief stardom in the mid-1960s. Recording off-kilter versions of hit rock and roll tunes of the day, she became the ultimate in-joke for the entertainment industry, but–as special guest Tyler Pistorius and host Lew Ojeda explain–she had a special something that keeps delighting new generations of listeners years after the albums stopped spinning.

Enjoy our latest podcast featuring Tyler Pistorius, actor and director of music videos by Honey and the 45s.

Here’s a rare video of Mrs. Miller singing “Inky Dinky Doo” with Jimmy Durante on the TV show “Hollywood Palace”:

Go Retro! has a nice tribute to her and if you are truly a Millerite, you’ll want to join Mrs. Miller’s World. Skip Heller also wrote a terrific article about Mrs. Miller that appeared in Cool and Strange Magazine years ago.

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