Mediatrocities Minicast: That Movie Awards Show

CageIt’s that time again. All eyes are on the stars and the movies to see who takes home the prizes. The fans will be delighted and we’ll be talking about the winners for days.

Yes, that’s right! It’s Razzies time!

This is that very special night most of the nominated stars, filmmakers and attention whores quickly take shelter to avoid cameras and mics. Nuns don’t cloister as quickly as can be expected by top names like Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy, Robert Pattison, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Jessica Biel, the cagey Nick, the hassled Hoff and Tyler Perry, distinguishing himself by not being able to portray either gender convincingly.

To read a complete list of this year’s nominations, head on over to the Razzies site.

If you want an exclusive personal take on some of the nominees, give a listen as Legendary Lew, host of Mediatrocities, discusses some of the nominations with his special guest: self-distinguished film auteur Ernie Tarte.


Mediatrocities Minicast:
Hosted by Legendary Lew
Guest: Ernie Tarte
Written by Tyler Pistorius and Lew Ojeda
Production/Editing by XOX and Lew Ojeda



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