Mediatrocities No. 5: Wednesday Rewind, Ron & June Ormond’s “Please Don’t Touch Me,” and the Introduction of Tarte

Welcome to Mediatrocities #5!

In this episode:
Legendary Lew and self-admiring film auteurd Ernie Tarté discuss some of the Razzie nominees (1:19).
Special Guest Katie Rife, author of “If You Like Quentin Tarantino…” discusses her latest film series, “Wednesday Rewind” currently playing at The Logan Theatre (9:01).
Legendary Lew stops by the film set during the creation of the new epic, Napoleon, directed by “Stanley Kubrick” and starring “Jack Nicholson.” (20:05)
Finally, Katie Rife returns with a lecture recorded on August 12, 2012 at Facets Multimedia for the TUGM produced Night School. She discusses the careers of film exploitation pioneers Ron & June Ormond and their opus to sexual frigidity, Please Don’t Touch Me. (22:51)

Mediatrocities is a production of The Underground Multiplex.
Episode 5 features Tyler Pistorius, Joseph R. Lewis and Lew Ojeda.
Special guest: Katie Rife
Opening theme: “Lew’s Blues” and “Static Ghosts” written and performed by Lindon McCarty
Closing theme: Son of a Gun by Brendon Losch
Written by: Tyler Pistorius, Joseph R. Lewis and Lew Ojeda
Produced by The Underground Multiplex


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