Is Another Historic Chicago Movie Theater About to Be Restored and Saved?

ramovaThere’s word from the Foster Design Build LLC Facebook site that positive talks are underway with 11th Ward Alderman James Balcer to restore the historic Ramova Theater in the Bridgeport neighborhood:

Had a great meeting today with City of Chicago Alderman James Balcer of the 11th ward, to discuss the possibility of Foster Design Build renovating the historic Ramova Theater in the Bridgeport neighborhood. Looking forward to continuing the discussion and hopefully finding a way to renovate this magnificent theater.

Definitely looks like it was a magnificent theater at one time. With its Spanish courtyard overtones, I could almost imagine Don Quixote riding  through its halls.

Opened in 1929, the same year as its sibling theater Music Box, Ramovaramova2 was actually a larger theater, holding 1500. Having another indie theater in Chicago would be an added plus for the city, showing the country we’re serious about having a variety of  movies remaining as big screen entertainment.

Foster Design Build, which has a portfolio located here, seems like a solid choice for this undertaking. They currently are renovating the famed “Franks Residence,” home of Bobby Franks, the young boy kidnapped and murdered in the infamous Leopold & Loeb case.

One suggestion to Foster Design (should they get a contract for the renovation): please be sure to leave plenty of room upfront for live entertainment, so as to help create a space for a variety of acts.

If you want to encourage Alderman Balcer on this project, contact him here.



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