RIP Jim Nayder. Chicago’s Host of “The Annoying Music Show” Passes Away

Jim Nayder (Courtesy: Chicago Tribune)

Jim Nayder (Courtesy: Chicago Tribune)

I’ve never met him and I’ve only heard his show a couple of times, but I definitely feel a kinship with Jim Nayder, who recently died from a heart attack at age 59.

Specializing in music that was grating to some and fascinating to others, Nayder parlayed his love of the musical oddball into a regular radio feature picked up by dozens of stations.  If you’ve ever heard some of the music I play on “Mediatrocities” or have seen my record collection, you’ll understand the love.

Thank you, Jim, for keeping alive the weird, wild and wonderful in music.

In tribute, here’s a youtube video of one of the most memorable renditions of “Let It Be” ever sung:





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