TUGM is proud to present the release of it’s new doc web series, “Noble Stories”.

Noble Stories is an ongoing series of short vignettes depicting life in Noble Square, Chicago.  TUGM’s Brain Kitchen is located in this historic and mysterious neighborhood, where creatures from all corners of the galaxy co-exist and collaborate on their daily lives.  Home, sweet Home.

“Noble Stories” is part of our transmedia production campaign SHY CITY, dedicated to shining a light on all the unbelievable talent and tales of our beautiful city with live events, community outreach, and original content creation!

Watch the show HERE


“At night we rest our heads in NOBLE SQUARE
We wake to Noble noise, and sustain on Noble fuel
We luv our neighbors and our stoops
Toil days.  Trouble days.  Together days.
Noble Knights.  Noble Ladies. NOBLE STORIES”


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