Noble Stories – “What U Lose”


she craves the stains most sweetest scums
and luvs the beat and luvs the drum
then crashed against the rocks of broken pillow thoughts
she luvs the pitt that feeds the scars
collecting bits of broken stars

desert snow.  tinsel sand. 
The drowning mud of Dreamland.

when the nitrate burns
they all take turns
and she chokes it down
in her Cinderella gown
Mama said
there’ll B days like this
and warned, once, wasted
“Broken feathers
never ever
go back together.”

Noble Stories is an ongoing series of short vignettes depicting life in Noble Square, Chicago.  TUGM’s Brain Kitchen is located in this historic and mysterious neighborhood, where creatures from all corners of the galaxy co-exist and collaborate on their daily lives.  Home, sweet Home.


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