President Obama Favors Net Neutrality; Asks FCC to Reclassify Internet to Save It from Interference

by Legendary Lew

President Obama made a great and important decision today in standing for the rights of individuals to be able to use the internet without an outside force trying to slow it down (even more) or get to decide what sites you’ll go to.

This, along with the ACA, should really be remembered as part of his legacy: he urged the FCC not to break the internet.

The President makes his argument in the context of consumers, but the importance of a free and open internet is essential to artists, performers, filmmakers and other creators as well. A reclassification under Title II of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 is crucial for everyone on every level.

Progressives on the grassroots level: ask for the GOP responses and record the nutbags who disagree with the President. They will be there, rest assured. You want to get young people to the polls next time? Let them know about the politicians who favored selling the internet to the highest bidder.

If you want the FCC to make the right decision, go to this link and politely tell them you favor a reclassification of the internet as essential communication under Title II of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.


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