The Look Back and the Look Forward to 2015

cropped-wp-index-page-header-xox.jpgby Legendary Lew

We at The Underground Multiplex wish you all a wild and wonderful 2015. It’s been a head spinning one for me personally as I’ve had to spend the latter half of 2014 searching out places to live (things are much settled now, thankfully). But we’ve had a doozy of a 2014 with a lot of accomplishments:

We kicked off the year with the promotion of the Meinecke Art Studio, where the surviving sons of Tristan Meinecke, Brad & Scott, along with their dedicated team brought about a resurgence of interest in the enigmatic, lunatic genius. I had the pleasure of interviewing one of his collaborators, Gene Bowen.

TUGM had its very first schedule of programs dedicated solely to its own output,

Paintscape no. 15: Punctum Contra Punctum

Paintscape no. 15: Punctum Contra Punctum

courtesy of  the VOLUME Series at Chicago Filmmakers, curated by Jake Weisman. Chicago had its first taste of The Lost Marionettes working draft documentary footage with Ralph Kipniss in attendance. Strike That Line!, the radio comedy podcast, made its live stage performance debut. Sci Fi Sol made a successful return engagement, topped off with an interview with director/star musician Melody Nife. And TUGM introduced The Free Media Manifesto, a TED-style talk designed to urge those in the entertainment fields to shift their thinking to new paradigms of production and distribution.

We assisted Elephant and Worm Educational Theatre Company with the return of its Emmy-nominated TV program on CAN-TV and successfully helped get the word out about inadequate funding of public access TV stations in Illinois. (Recently, Chicago made it possible to actually increase funding for necessary operational costs at CAN-TV, a victory for free speech).

That’s a lot for a year when The Brain Kitchen Theater closed, Joe Lewis got married and I had to search for an apartment three separate times.

But 2015 has some exciting new plans in store. We’ll be hosting the next yearly Razzies Podcast very soon. Mediatrocities will begin as a weekly podcast featuring myself and the very talented actor/producer Tyler Pistorius with overviews on indie and IMP films. Strike That Line! will return as a quarterly comedy podcast and we’ll be scouting out further locations for our next live presentation. Shy City, our documentary webcast series highlighting our work on The Lost Marionettes and The Art of Tristan Meinecke, will be completed and scouted for screening locations. Finally, we’ll be scouting locations to host the next series of Night School. We’ve had a lot of requests for its return.

Here’s wishing all of you great health and happiness for this year and all to come. As always, I thank the great team at TUGM and all of you for supporting us in these last 4+ years.


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