Enormous Victory for Net Neutrality: FCC’s Tom Wheeler Proposes Regulating the Internet as a Utility

The FCC just stopped this from happening

The FCC may stop this from happening

by Legendary Lew

NOTEThis post has been updated with corrections.

If you’ve been too busying looking down at your smart phones and clicking away, you might have just missed that FCC chairman Tom Wheeler has written an op-ed for Wired Magazine in favor of net neutrality,  proposing the internet be regulated as a utility. The importance of that decision for art and commerce is immense.

There have been a number of companies trying to slow down your already slow internet connections if you don’t pay up. However, thanks to about 4 million terrific, thoughtful, caring and astute Americans, Wheeler heard an outcry loud and clear. The movement toward making the internet a utility was also greatly helped by this guy:

Now it’s time to actually thank Tom Wheeler for this decision, because the legal battle has now just begun with the telecoms and it’s going to get nasty. Let the FCC know you want all of them to vote for public utility status on February 26.



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