Jake Myer’s “White Cop” Walks the Cult Movie Beat Starting Friday

WhiteCopPosterby Legendary Lew

The new indie Chicago comedy White Cop debuts at The Music Box Theatre this Friday. If nothing else, there is one definite assurance about this movie: it’s the world’s first film funded from the proceeds of a volleyball coaching stipend.

Diverting just under $10K to this endeavor, director Jake Myers presents a timely satire that involves a young, inexperienced and rather daft Officer Kip White (Ben Kobold) and his questionable promotion to take on a European drug cartel.

Influenced by other cult favs like Samurai Cop and Miami Connection, White Cop examines the decades-old Hollywood tradition of making rogue cops heroes (aren’t rogue cops, in reality, a problem?) and the homoeroticism of cop buddy movies (always an interest for me).

Nick Moore (Channel 2020) and Katie Rife (Future Schlock) are co-producers of the film. Katie has graced The Underground Multiplex twice before with an interview and her presentation of the cult movie, Please Don’t Touch Me for Night School at Facets Multimedia.

White Cop plays Friday and Saturday at midnight at The Music Box Theatre in Chicago before playing at Alamo Drafthouse in Austin in May.

Here’s the trailer:



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