TUGM Removes Posts Regarding Former CIFCC Co-Director Don Shanahan’s Alleged Sexual Harassment After Shanahan Suggests Legal Retaliation


by Legendary Lew

I was contacted by Don Shanahan regarding the posts that The Underground Multiplex posted last month regarding the then Co-Director of Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle and his connection with a lawsuit filed by a former employee of Horizon Science Academy Southwest. That lawsuit, still listed here as a public record, alleged that Concept Schools ignored teacher Lori Hill’s complaints against Mr. Shanahan for his alleged actions.

Under request from Mr. Shanahan, I’ve posted the following from his legal counsel:








The following is the conversation between myself and Mr. Shanahan regarding the two posts written about the past allegations while he, at the time, he was in the process of resigning his Co-Directorship of CIFCC.

Mr. Shanahan had contacted me earlier and requested I post statements that he gave to me directly through Facebook messenger. Every single one of those requests I’ve granted him. I have the previous conversations as proof if I ever need to produce those.

To this day, I have received absolutely no contact from any member or anyone connected with CIFCC about any “assault” against the organization’s  “character.” This is, I feel, in part because I never connected Mr. Shanahan’s alleged actions to his then current status at CIFCC.  The posts made that point clear.





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