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Mediatrocities #24: Director Andrew Friend on His New Documentary “Schoolidarity”

by Legendary Lew Over the last few years, teachers unions in Madison, WI and Chicago, IL have been under attack from political forces with a privatization drive. Wisconsin governor Scott Walker fought for a right-to-work law, which union claim would … Continue reading

Mediatrocities Podcast #22: Ben Hicks of Fandependent Films and the State of Indie Films Today

by Legendary Lew Ben Hicks, co-founder of Fandependent Films, joins me in the latest podcast to talk about his site, the state of independent films and whether it’s possible to have cottage industries of film. Check out Fandependent Films, where … Continue reading

Mediatrocities #21: Global Girls Film Festival, a Film Fest Curated by Formerly Homeless At-Risk Women

by Legendary Lew Mediatrocities is back! It’s been awhile due to moving to a new home for The Underground Multiplex (we’re now in the Bowmanville neighborhood), an accident that destroyed my laptop containing many of my media files, plus life … Continue reading

Mediatrocities #20: Jake Myers, Director of White Cop

by Legendary Lew Wow, it’s been a while, but many things–like life–have been happening with me, so my posts have been few and far between. Here’s is an interview I had a few weeks ago with Jake Myers, director of … Continue reading

Mediatrocities #19: Authors Michael Smith and Adam Selzer on “Flickering Empire” Plus Smith Discusses His New Feature “Cool Apocalypse”

by Legendary Lew The new book “Flickering Empire: How Chicago Invented the U.S. Film Industry” is a must read for any fan of film. It’s an important piece to the puzzle of how the U.S. went from having a ragtag … Continue reading

Mediatrocities #18: Interview with Brian & Heidi Anne Chankin of Deadly Prey Gallery

by Legendary Lew This episode of Mediatrocities finds me chatting with the bro/sis duo of Brian & Heidi Anne Chankin as they prepare for the grand opening of their new art gallery space, Deadly Prey Gallery. The Ghanaian posters you … Continue reading

Mediatrocities #17: Interview with John Rangel, director of “Remember Our Days”

by Ty Pi ~ @-[-> Legendary Lew interviews filmmaker John Rangel (The Girls on Liberty Street) in the latest episode of “Mediatrocities.”  Topics include the projection of stereotypes in Hollywood cinema, independent film, and Rangel’s upcoming film Remember Our Days. … Continue reading

Mediatrocities Morsel: Director John Rangel on Hollywood’s Fantastical Working Class Characters

by Legendary Lew TUGM will soon have a complete podcast of my interview with filmmaker John Rangel, director of The Girls on Liberty Street. He’s raising funds for a new independent feature called Remember Our Days set to be filmed … Continue reading

Mediatrocities #16: Criterion Requests and Remembering Leonard Nimoy

by Legendary Lew TyPi joins me in the latest installment of “Mediatrocities,” the podcast of unusual media.  In this episode, we make an open request to Criterion DVD, asking them to take on our choices of films deserving top notch … Continue reading

Mediatrocities #15: The Yearly Post-Razzie Award Show with Guest Dominick Suzanne-Mayer

by Legendary Lew This week’s episode of Mediatrocities marks our 4th (and perhaps our last?) look at the Razzie Award winners! TyPi is on hand for commentaries, as is our very special guest, film analyst & writer Dominick Suzanne-Mayer, contributor … Continue reading