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Where’s the Fair Use? #WTFU

FairUsePosterby Legendary Lew

An increased number of YouTube content creators are joining forces to inform the public about how badly copyright claims on YouTube are being mismanaged. From false claims with no penalties to the open invitations to steal moneys from channels, the current system of DMCA is being badly abused, all in the name of “piracy.”

If you create anything, especially something being shared online, you owe it to yourself to watch this very informative video from The Nostalgia Critic. And also, tell your elected officials to stop the TPP.


Welcome to The Trampling Channel 2014

Courtesy: Wonkette

Courtesy: Wonkette

by Legendary Lew

Ah yes, everyone loves a tradition, and here at The Underground Multiplex, I’m no different. So now, without further ado, are some scenes of shoppers giving thanks for cheap, slave-made goodies for Xmas. Perhaps, there’s also thanks for the ability to slap and uppercut competitive shoppers along the way. Enjoy the weekend and please try to refrain from purchasing any non-emergency items during this time. Retailers will still be around after the weekend, I promise you.

It’s all smiles and happiness over at Fox “News” with this report of white looting Black Friday.

Cardiac damage is the reason for the season at this Wal-Mart:

It’s nice to see that a major US export is now the horrid tradition of Black Friday: