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“She’s the one that you left me for so why don’t you tell me who she is and why she’s so special and why you love her more than me!” -Emilia in TBN

I quickly, inconspicuously poured a quick nip of whiskey into my friends’ Starbucks coffee cups. Tyler and Emilia were sitting across from me. I hadn’t told them anything except that I wanted us all to sit down together.

The previous day I had been walking down Tremont Street and it suddenly struck me that I would be graduating from college in 8 months and then many things would vanish: friends, time, the equipment cage, Boston…that’s when I realized that I needed to make another movie immediately. I thought of Tyler and Emilia first thing and said to myself: TYLER B NICE. It was October, 2004.

That fall I was reeling, as I usually was right before deciding to make a movie. I hadn’t yet learned how to not be a mess without making a movie. I had just ended my marriage with Sarah. I hated her then for making me confront the fact that I wasn’t happy and the marriage wasn’t working. I’m not a quitter. This was before I knew the difference between quitting and moving on. Anger. Desperation. Stupidity. That was plenty to make a movie with back then.

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I screwed the cap back onto my flask and passed Ty and Em their whiskey-tainted beverages and I said, “I want to make a movie with you. I don’t know what it’s about yet…all I know is that you two are siblings. CHEERS!”

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And tune in at No Budge to berate me with provocative questions about TBN and watch me squirm LIVE via USTREAM


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