Lew in the Brain Kitchen

Lew in the Brain Kitchen

Born of doughy cosmic ectoplasm, Lew Ojeda flashed his way onto Earth via Western New York. Once implanted, he proceeded to wreak havoc among the citizens of Rochester, NY with his writing, producing and directing of the TV shows “The Word is Out” (the region’s first LGBT news & entertainment show) and “Trash Talkin’.” Given a generous stipend to leave the vicinity, Ojeda then traveled to Chicago, where he now resides exposing the locals to such works as the feature film “Sisters of No Mercy” and the podcasts “Mediatrocities” and “Strike That Line!” He’s also a film actor, lecturer and programmer for Facets Night School, earning Chicago Reader’s “Best of 2013” Award.  He organizes a yearly Razzies podcast in conjunction with Heave Media. His latest efforts at media production and promotion have earned TUGM front page headlines and features in The Chicago Sun-Times, The Chicago Tribune, NBC5 Chicago, Chicago Reader, Lakeshore Public Radio, Heave Media, CHIRP Radio and The Associated Press.

JRL at The Monthly Visit with Kevin O'Donnell

JRL at The Monthly Visit with Kevin O’Donnell

JRL is an award-winning underground moviemaker with over 15 hours of produced content under his belt including features,  TV shows,  shorts,  and web serials.  JRL received his BFA in Acting from Emerson College in Boston. His love of theatre fused with his love of movies, and in 2001 he began directing underground feature films. Upon graduating from Emerson College in Boston, he toured the country adapting and performing stories written by children. In 2009 he co- founded Elephant & Worm Educational Children’s Theatre Company, an organization that produces educational arts projects that unite professional artists with schoolchildren in close creative collaboration. Watch movies made with kids  at elephantandworm.com.   He proudly resides in Chicago, IL.

Demetra Materis studied art and film at Columbia College. Since graduating with a BA in Film in 2009, she has focused on photography;  from model photo shoots to the streets of Chicago. She is a presenter and producer for the award-winning midnight movie program Night School. Currently, she is collaborating on a second horror film with director Ricardo Islas along with her work as a producer for The Underground Multiplex.

Tyler Pistorius is an actor and filmmaker living in Chicago.  He attended and graduated from NIU in 2010 and attended the Moscow Art Theatre in the Fall of 2008.  Since moving to Chicago, he has acted in theatrical productions with The Right Brain Project (Hammer and Marat/Sade), The Runaways (That’s What Makes Her an Icon and doriantightredpantsXX), and DreamLogic (Elder Gods, The Tempest, and A Clockwork Orange).  He has been involved in film production as well.  A few examples are acting for Rabbit Room Productions and Visual Syncopation.  He directed music videos for Honey & the 45s and a short film produced by Ex-Pats (The End is Near…)

Jake Weisman is consumed by the ever-growing, ever-changing Chicago Cinema Community.  He currently curates Friday Night VOLUME, a weekly screening series exclusively featuring pictures produced & shot in the city of Chicago (including- proudly- several works by The Underground Multiplex).  Jake’s great joys are his family and screenwriting. #SupportChicagoCinema

SALLY ANDERSONSally Anderson Headshot circa '07
Sally Anderson is fascinated by all types of performance in film, theatre, music and art. Her fascination extends, as well, to the venues that house this magic. And multi-purpose shapes—like a box. She is very excited to join the Underground Multiplex on any adventure she can!

Crystal Eidson graduated from Rockford College with a BA in English literature and predictably got stuck behind a desk. She’s worked in businesses huge and tiny to impose order on filing systems, scribbling poetry in her free time (and in quickly minimized additional browser windows). Learned a thing or two about cheese and customer service before Dominick’s went belly-up. Immensely useful to have around when there are Things Afoot. Which is always the case at the Meinecke Project.

Glenn Schreiner was attending college for an art degree in Colorado before coming to Chicago for the Tristan Meinecke project.  Glenn was involved in going to school for painting, sketching and art history.  Glenn was also a member of the Creative Writing Club and the Colorado Poetry Society and participated in Open Mic Nights with the Morgan Community College.  Before attending school Glenn managed a lounge in a Clarion Hotel from 2010 to 2013.  Glenn also was involved in APA Pool League and in 2012 Glenn was featured in a Top Gun 64 player singles tournament in which he placed 40th!  He specializes in Surreal and Abstract artwork and also enjoys doing portraits, native American art and impressionistic landscapes.  Once Glenn was informed and recruited for the Meinecke project he finished up finals at school and was in Chicago in two days.  Glenn can truly say he has have never had one dull moment since arriving on Friday the 13th of December!  Glenn feels the work done at the Meinecke studio has enriched his understanding of artwork, color distribution, palette choice and just pure inspiration !

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