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Party Premiere Announces Online Release

“A brilliant slice of bedroom pop, infectiously catchy and rough around all of the right edges…A wild, rag-tag, day-glow world that exists both a millennia ahead of present time and one step in the past. Every frame is filled with wonders that are easily recognizable, yet slightly out of place. Like an antique store in the future…Not to be Missed.”
-Chicago Journal

On July 26th, we celebrated the online release of the uninterrupted 47-minute director’s cut of Sci Fi Sol.  And what better way to kick it off than with our 2nd annual house party at Star Labs.

Noble Square’s own Professor Weinsteiner concocted an exclusive party beer-brew, giving the event a distinct and unforgettable flavor. Fashion designer MxMiJe@n$ unveiled Wonder Women, his new original couture leather jacket.   Director Joseph R. Lewis introduced SFS’s party-premiere screening with a live-performance as Captain Famous accompanied by an original VJ set by Jeffy Cymbals.  Many thanks to Brian Jarreau for the stellar photo coverage.

Sci Fi Sol began production in early 2011 and shot for over a year throughout the beautiful city of Chicago.  Many soon-to-be-razed Chicago landmarks were included in the movie, including the last remaining tower of Cabrini Green and legendary comedy club Improv Olympic, where songwriter and star Melody Nife moonlights as Musical Director.

Check out Xclusive Pix from our XTRACT PARTY below~


The Mystery of iO Comedy Club’s DAVE ASHER


CLICK HERE to listen to a Multiplex X-Clusive track by iO Comedy Club Musical Director DAVE ASHER!

Local Talent to Look For: Nonpronto

Nonpronto: (l.to r.) Dan Collins, piano/vocals; Josh Murtha, bass; Luke Angle, drums

Nonpronto: (l.to r.) Dan Collins, piano/vocals; Josh Murtha, bass; Luke Angle, drums

A new jazz trio Nonpronto will be performing their first gig at Tonic Room in Chicago. Comprised of Josh Murtha (bass), Luke Angle (drums) and Dan Collins (piano/vocals), they lay down some good solid grooves.

The Brain Kitchen was proud to have two of the trio, Josh and Luke, perform there last year.  They also performed as part of Captain Famous and the Dead Celebz, leading off a great night of entertainment topped off by the Chicago theatrical premiere of Scumbabies.

Give a listen to these guys on their website and then head over to Tonic Room for their debut public performance. You’ll dig them like I do.

“Sweet Times Run”:


Captain Famous and the Dead Celebz Rocket at Star Labs 8/25/2012

Captain Famous and the Dead Celebz

Luke Angle, drums; Patrick Kracunas, guitar/steel guitar; Josh Murtha, bass; Lindon McCarty, guitar; Joe Lewis (Capt. Famous), vocals

Guest Robbie Style raps

Ah, you missed a good one, if you weren’t there! But don’t worry, The Underground Multiplex will have future fun events you can attend.