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Help The Underground Multiplex Create New Programming!


This is the current production equipment for The Underground Multiplex

by Legendary Lew

The Underground Multiplex is currently running a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for future programming.

We have a major need for a new laptop/PC; a 4T external hard drive (for achiving our videos and podcasts); and professional grade headphones for “Mediatrocities” podcasts.

All totaled, we came up with the modest sum of $820.00, an amount we hope to be able to receive by December 1st. The sooner we reach the goal, the sooner we can buy the equipment needed to continue our programming smoothly.

The picture you see above is my production equipment for The Underground Multiplex. No joke. I’ve been using a tablet with a broken interface for over a year now.

Any posts, podcasts, memes, etc. from The Underground Multiplex have come from this. In case you’re wondering, yes, I do use a magnifying glass to read my writing.

Over the last 6 years, we’ve been able to accomplish a great deal and to get some much needed attention for vital independent artists and venues. Here’s just a short list:

Plus, we’ve recorded numerous episodes of “Mediatrocities,” our own podcast covering directors and other prominent figures in the independent movie scene.

We’ve had award-winning short films and features, such as Scumbabies and Sci Fi Sol shown in multiple cities and festivals such as CIMMFest.

We believe we have great ideas for indie programming in the future, plus I have every intention of continuing “Mediatrocities,” as I am committed to having indie film artists share their works and get a voice heard. In the ocean of the Hollywood’s publicity efforts, our indie voices are vitally important.


Thank you for your support! And keep tuning in!
GoFundMe link: click here.



Many Thanks to CIMMFest and the Fans of Sci Fi Sol!

A dream finally came true for The Underground Multiplex after more than a year of planning. Sci Fi Sol got a release through a festival, and how lucky we were to have it shown as part of the Chicago International Movies & Music Festival. Ours was one of the final screenings in the large viewing space of The Wicker Park Arts Center before that building is acquired by new owners. The projection and sound were terrific and Dave Asher (singing along live in performance with three videos and the feature) was in excellent form.

Our deepest gratitude to all those who braved the elements to check out the film.  Special thanks to Drew and Josh for taking pictures (coming soon);  the CIMMFest volunteers and crew for the smooth program transitions, technical know-how and help in a hurried environment. Big, big thank you to Michael Phillips, Jr. for giving us the chance to shine and allowing me to write a blog entry touring the newly renovated Logan Theatre. And, of course, to Joseph R. Lewis and Dave Asher–Good God, you guys are geniuses!


Is Chicago Ready for “Sci Fi Sol”?

Of course, it is! Now featured on Nina Metz’s Chicago Tribune article and rated “not to be missed” by Chicago Journal! To get your tix, head on over to the CIMMFest site here. I will be onhand with CDs of Melody Nife’s “Sci Fi Sol” soundtrack album, along with DVDs of other films by filmmaker Joseph R. Lewis should you wish to support us while attending.

If you want a little taste of what’s in store, dig this:

I would also be remiss to forget that TUGM pal Dominick Mayer will be presenting his Facets Night School lecture, “Kings of Classic Gaming and the Race to Conquer Kong” at midnight Saturday night. Yes, you can attend both, as Sci Fi Sol will be finishing before midnight. Only a couple of miles separate Wicker Park Arts Center from Facets, so a short bike or taxi ride will get you to the lecture in time.

TUGM Visits the Newly Renovated Logan Theatre

I recently was given a tour of the new Logan Theatre by marketing director Shayla Kloska. If you haven’t been there since the rundown days, you owe it to yourself to be there and see it. Attendees of the upcoming CIMMFest are going to be pleasantly surprised.

Read about it and check out a couple more pictures at the CIMMFest News blog here.

TUGM’s Joseph R. Lewis Presents Facets’ Night School’s Lecture/Screening on “The Beaver Trilogy”

Joseph R. Lewis, director of Scumbabies and co-director of SCI FI SOL, will be on hand tonight to host Facets’ latest descent into cinema dementia, The Beaver Trilogy directed by Trent Harris.  The first of the trilogy is the life-changing meet with aspiring entertainer Richard Lavon Griffiths (aka “Groovin’ Gary) in a parking lot in Beaver, Utah. The subsequent two shorts are dramatizations starring then unknowns Sean Penn and Crispin Glover as Groovin’ Gary performing as Olivia Newton John.

Harris’ trilogy has been a cult favorite and popular bootleg trade ever since its creation in the mid-1980’s. Come on over tonight at midnight to Facets (1517 W. Fullerton) and check it out. I’m told there’s going to be a surprise, so if you miss it–weep, weep the mighty river.

AND…don’t forget! Next Saturday, the world premiere of SCI FI SOL at CIMMFest!

CIMMFest Trailer Released Online

Check this out!

Check them out: CIMMFest.


CIMMFest Announces Its 2012 Schedule (Including TUGM’s Sci Fi Sol)

The Chicago International Movies & Music Festival just went online with their complete lineup for this year’s fest. Looks like a doozy.

Some of the highlights include the screenings of Les Blank’s classic docs Spend It All, Dry Wood, Dizzy Gillespie and Always for Pleasure with Blank making a live appearance.  The very-well received doc Charles Bradley: Soul of America, follows the soul singer’s decades-long struggle to be heard. Eccentric country music man Bobby Bare, Jr. is profiled in Don’t Follow Me, I’m Lost and makes an appearance with the Lawrence Peters Outfit at The Hideout.  The crew from the cult movie hit The Scenesters explain how we came up with celebrated holidays in the comedy Holiday Road. One Night Stand injects actors, directors, composers and writers into a whirlwind experiment for 24 hours to produce four short musicals in lightning-fast speed.  Awe Dub Sessions and Impala Sound will provide hella fine Dub, Roots and Dancehall Vinyl at Rodan, along with crazy visuals from For Your Height Only and Danger: Diabolik. (Support Odd Obsession Movies!).

And, of course, TUGM will proudly premiere Sci Fi Sol onto the world with a live score performed by Melody Nife, Saturday night April 14 at 10pm* at Wicker Park Arts Center.

*This corrects day/time info we may have previously announced. Sorry.

Head over to the CIMMFest site and get your tickets.