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TUGM Proudly Presents the World Premiere Online Release of “Sisters of No Mercy”!

It’s finally here! After nearly three years and two hundred dollars, The Underground Multiplex presents the wild, avant-garde nunsploitation comedy Sisters of No Mercy: The Real 3D Midnight Movie Xperience. Combining exploitation, comedy, classic roadshow reels, politics, music and live performance, SONM is the completion of the first collaboration between Joseph R. Lewis and me.

This came about first as a 4-minute parody trailer for a then fake nunsploitation feature. With the help of some great talented friends, we408 were able to pull off this bit in three weeks, just before I was to give a lecture on nunsploitation at Facets Night School.

The trailer debuted on YouTube in October 2010 and gained an unexpected positive response in February 2011 from the French version of  Slate Magazine, which hyperlinked the short and called it a successful parody (if the Google translation is correct). Emboldened by the responses, I casually mentioned to Joe that perhaps the nuns should go to Madison, WI during the height of protests against Governor Scott Walker and exorcise the Koch-funded “demon” from the state capitol.

The resulting short film was The Wisconsin Exorsisters, which brought back Sisters Amy and Angela, Mother Superior and the evil Father Neal from first trailer. That short went public in March 2011.

409When June rolled around, we had decided to extended Sisters of No Mercy into a feature. To accomplish this, the film needed extra footage, which was provided by recording the third portion of the film live before a midnight movie audience attending each screening of Session 8 of Facets Night School. Each chapter was filmed in 5 minute pieces before that evening’s lecture and screening. The resulting portions were then uploaded weekly online.

On September 30, 2011, TUGM debuted Sisters of No Mercy 3D at Facets Night School in an edited version that included a live interactive experience with the audience. They were treated to live music, a theatrical performance, juggling and dancing for a unique approach in film entertainment. This version has not been duplicated since.

Which brings us finally to today– almost three years since the inception of the nunsploitation parody. The final product we hope you’ll find funny, informative and entertaining. It could not be done without the help of the following wonderful people:

Amy J. Boyd, Angela Yonke, Adrianna Montiel, Kenzie Kl, Bruce Neal, Joe Rubin, Jason Coffman, Jason Loeffler, Jonathan Leaf, Douglas Grew, Brian Kirst, Lielie Kaehn-Jarvis, Brian Jarvis, Chris Brake, Christa Koch, Nathan Boecker, Susan Doll, Phil Morehart, all the presenters of Facets Night School and, of course, the twisted genius of Joe Lewis.

Legendary Lew Ojeda

Happy Birthday to the Lady Terminator herself, Barbara Anne Constable!

The still gorgeous and wonderful Barbara Anne Constable, legendary star of the cult classic Lady Terminator celebrates a birthday today. TUGM wishes her a fantastic one and in celebration, reminds you of the awesomeness of that one-of-a-kind movie.

I had the first-ever interview with the star on my old blog, damnthatojeda! You can read that here.

You can also watch/listen to my lecture on Lady Terminator and Indonesian Exploitation movies of the 70s and 80s on ustream.

Happy Birthday, Barbara!

Still beautiful


Super Rare Cult Film “The Phynx” Now Available on DVD

Just after the passing of Jerry Leiber last year, I wrote a blog post about the unknown and unappreciated score they wrote for a little-known rock and roll comedy movie from 1970 named The Phynx.

Now that very rare film–notorious for its failed attempt to appeal to the hip crowd–has finally been released through Warner Archives.  Watch and marvel at this astonishing misfire if just to play “name that star.”


Our New Episode of the Newly Revamped “Mediatrocities”! (FKA: Cinematrocities)

Wonder Women was shown at Facets Multimedia on June 26, 2012. A live radio show introduced the film for the attendees.

I’m very excited to present the first episode of “Mediatrocities,” our newly expanded podcast (originally presented as “Cinematrocities”)!  I have a collection of cool and weird recordings along with movies and will be presenting them with my special guests.

This episode of “Mediatrocities”–first presented as “Cinematrocities”–is a  live radio show presentation that helped introduce a 35 MM screening of Wonder Women (1973) as part of Facets Summer Night School.

It was performed on midnight June 26, 2012 and starred Peter Damm, Andrew Francisco, Tyler Pistorius and me. Nate Wells was our production manager and did a great job with the engineering set up. He also provided the background music during the lecture. Special thanks to Victor Carreon for the equipment. Enjoy!


Happy Halloween from The Underground Multiplex! Watch an Amicus Horror Anthology tonight!


I’m a big fan of British horror anthology films of the 1960s and 70s, produced most famously by Amicus Films and directed usually by Roy Ward Baker or Freddie Francis. Some of these films had horror stalwarts like Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, but also included actors as diverse as Donald Sutherland, Joan Collins, Tom Baker, Britt Ekland, Margaret Leighton and Herbert Lom.

These films included Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors (1964), Torture Garden (1967), The House That Dripped Blood (1970), Tales from the Crypt (1972), Asylum (1972), Vault of Horror (1973), From Beyond the Grave (1974) and The Monster Club (1980).

Generally, these films involve 4 or 5 people gathered together by circumstance. Traveling together by train, stuck in a sub-basement or drifting off to secret cave, those persons are ordinary looking people who hide very dark secrets. One by one, the story of each attendee is told and eventually we find out they are terrible scumbags deserving of the horrible things that happen to them.

Francis, Baker and screenwriters Robert Bloch and Milton Subotsky knew how to make quick, compelling fun stories that sometimes had moving performances.

Such a good acting job was done by Peter Cushing in Tales from the Crypt , my personal favorite of these anthology films.  In it, he plays a kindly old widower tormented by a nasty neighbor.  My favorite story in this film, however, is the incredibly creepy “Blind Alleys” starring Nigel Patrick and Patrick Magee in a story warning you to never piss off the blind. And I’ll take the hooded Sir Ralph Richardson as Cryptkeeper asking Joan Collins menacingly “What are your plans when you leave here?” over a goofy animated skeleton. Any. day.

All the Amicus Productions listed above are pretty readily available for rental, purchase or download.

Happy Halloween!


Turkish Cinema Craziness in Chicago Tomorrow Night

Indie Turkish filmmakers came up with wild movies and characters to match. One of the most popular from earlier days is the character “Kilink” (Killing), a super criminal out to conquer the world. Get more info on movies like this during my lecture, The Outta-Mind Empire: The Crazy World of Seytan and Turkish Exploitation, coming up tomorrow night at midnight at Facets Multi-Media. If you haven’t seen The Turkish Exorcist, you haven’t lived. Tell your friends!

I’ll be presenting the lecture and screening at:
Facets Multimedia
1517 W Fullerton
Chicago, IL
Saturday night   9/29/2012   at midnight
Admission: $5, FREE  for Facets members

Learn how you can be a member here.


Nadia ul-Gindy: Egypt’s Answer to Tura Satana and Isabel Sarli?

Via the wonderful website Mondo Macabro comes this amazing written and visual essay celebrating Nadia ul-Gindy, a bombshell Egyptian actress with such tremendous charisma, she drew record audiences into theaters with no advance publicity.

Robert J. Kiss does an immense service to film fans everywhere by introducing much of the rest of the world to, not only this actress very famous in Egypt, but to a previously little seen world of exploitation films made in the Arab world. He has a jewel of a thread here with many films for you to scramble searching for. Happy hunting!