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Ted V. Mikels, One of the Last Great Exploitation Pioneers, Seeks Contributions to Produce the Sequel to His Cult Classic, “Ten Violent Women”

10violentwomenby Legendary Lew

I don’t normally dedicate a TUGM blog post to campaign for a filmmaker’s crowdfunder, but in the case of veteran exploitation great Ted V. Mikels, I’m willing to make an exception.

Mikels is currently trying to raise money through Indie GoGo for the new movie, Ten Violent Women Part 2, the sequel to his 1982 cult classic, Ten Violent Women.

I’ve been a fan of Mikels’ distinct and strange exploitation movies for years now. He’s the mastermind behind such classics as The Astro-Zombies, The Corpse Grinders, the wonderful Girl in Gold Boots and The Doll Squad which was

Lady charmer Ted V. Mikels

Lady charmer Ted V. Mikels

stolen by Aaron Spelling to create” Charlie’s Angels.” ┬áLike Russ Meyer, Mikels likes his screen women domineering and kinky, as evidenced by his own death scene via spiked heel in Ten Violent Women.

Check out his Indie GoGo page for Ten Violent Women Part 2 and contribute if you can. Share it as well. After 60+ years in the movie business, it’s great to see one of the kings of sleaze still at it.