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Was Bettie Page an S&M Faith Healer?

Between 1949 and 1957, images of Bettie Page could be found everywhere from postcards to magazines to record covers. She was graced with a radiant personality which seemed to make the camera her devoted lover. That relationship helped to make her a legend with her likeness being one of the most popular in American culture–even though a number of photos and films delved into the fetish/S&M world.

In 1959, Bettie turned her back on modeling, believing she was getting too old and following a calling by God to become a missionary. Although she did not succeed in becoming an African missionary (because of a divorce), she did work for Billy Graham Ministries for a while.

For decades after her abandoned modeling career, Page had sought family stability (through a few failed marriages) and an ongoing commitment to spreading the gospel. After moving to Southern California in 1979, Bettie seemed to have completely disappeared with rumors of mental illnesses and breakdowns, along with her entry into a state mental hospital.

Somewhere between 1970 and 1982, Page may have entered a “faith healing” stage as part of her religious outreach. Any of these sessions would probably have been done in secret as she never obtained the status of “minister.”

The idea of Bettie Page as faith healer during these years seems not an unlikely scenario, given her devotion to God. What is unusual, however, is that she may have donned fetish gear one final time for a parishioner who recognized her from her modeling days.

Harold G. Slinger, a horse trainer from Boca Raton, FL, supposedly met with Page desperate to kick a heroin addiction plaguing him for more than 20 years. Finding state-funded treatments ineffective, Slinger was at his wit’s end. Through a friend, he had learned of a “woman of God” who had at one point changed her life completely through “the love of Jesus Christ.” ┬áSlinger went to see Page, who, he claims, at first refused to help Slinger, as she did not consider herself a healer, but simply a communicator of God’s word. However, after Slinger broke down in tears, Page relented and granted his request.

Slinger claimed to have only one meeting with Page, but that meeting completely cured him of any desire for drugs. From that point on, Slinger was drug free and servicing for the Lord, as he became born again and lived a devout Christian life until he passed away in 1990.

In return for this favor, Page insisted the newly-cured man never tell anyone she had performed any faith healing. Although Slinger was mystified as to why she would never pursue this avenue of spreading The Word, he kept his promise until the day he died.

He did, however, want to keep a record of what had transpired as proof of his life-changing event. So on a blank-labeled recording (with a date of May 20, 1973–two years after supposedly meeting with Page), Slinger left details of the faith healing session. The Underground Multiplex, given a hot tip by a fan, recently obtained the recording by the late Mr. Slinger.

For the first time ever, you can now hear the story, as told by Mr. Harold G. Slinger, of how Bettie Page cured him of his drug addiction and did so, in part, by returning to S&M one final time: