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TUGM’s Joseph R. Lewis Interviewed at The Monthly Visit with Kevin O’Donnell

Joe with Kevin O’Donnell at The Monthly Visit with Kevin O’Donnell presented at High Concept Laboratories.


TUGM’s Joseph R. Lewis Appearing on The Monthly Visit with Kevin O’Donnell

Filmmaker Joe Lewis will be interviewed about his film work and the philosophy behind The Underground Multiplex this coming Monday 8pm at High Concept Laboratories. This will be part of The Monthly Visit with Kevin O’Donnell, who will also have Beer Geek Steve Howard, mime Dean Evans and music from Josh Bell & The Visitors. RSVP to RSVP@highconceptlaboratories.org to attend.

“Watch This” Interpretive Dance Performance at High Concept Labs, Chicago

From the dance show “Assignment 403” produced by the talented Kasey Foster:

Video produced by Kasey Foster and Joseph Lewis

Choreography by Kasey Foster

Music by Mikhail Fiksel

Shot on location before a live audience at High Concept Laboratories, Chicago

Additional footage from The Prelinger Archives