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GOP Fantasy Film Not Coming to a Theater Near You

The uncovered 70’s sexploitation movie:


Mitt Romney Quickly Dumps Stock of Chinese Online Company Accused of Piracy

From BuzzFeed comes the news that, until recently, Mitt Romney should have been talking like a pirate on Sept. 19:

Mitt Romney’s recently released tax returns show the governor recently sold off investments in the Chinese online-video company Youku, a Chinese version of YouTube. The site was launched in 2006 and quickly became a haven for downloading illegal American content. The site has been trying to repair its image as a piracy portal since lawsuits have caused them to remove unauthorized content”

Oops! ¬†Looks like it’s another Mittstake. He’s going to need a ledger to keep track of them all. Anyone out there in his 1% donor clan with Excel experience?

Do you think he sneaked out of Kim Dotcom’s mansion just before the MPAA Chris Dodd authorities invaded?

As expected, he then accused the Obama Administration of catering to Chinese pirates:

“Did you know they even have an Apple store?” Romney said at a rally. “It’s a fake Apple store; they sell counterfeit Apple products. This is wrong. We’re gonna crack down on China when they manipulate their currency, when they steal our goods, when they don’t protect our intellectual property. We’re gonna make sure that China understands we mean business.”

I’m guessing he means their business.


Mitt Romney Postpones His Concession Speech to Take a Dump


I was thoroughly surprised for about a good solid 18 minutes when I had learned from my reliable source that Mitt Romney decided to postpone his concession speech, one that I had expected on Wednesday night. Romney instead decided to take a Friday dump about his taxes with the hope that the media would clean up the mess. I understand that there was heated debate regarding the release of the tax returns between Trustee Brad Malt and one of Romney’s trusted advisers, Jacob Barley Malt (no relation).

Another reason given to me for the concession postponement was the Romneys’ tanning session. Mitt had decided to try bronzer for his appeal to Latinos during a Univision appearance (see picture above). Ann, on the other hand, chose to go all in at a local tanning salon with this being the result:


It might be one of the reasons why Mitt wanted Ann to appear less often on the stump.

My apologies for the premature news regarding the concession. As soon as I can get verifiable news from my trusted source, I will be certain to pass along the information.