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Mediatrocities Podcast #2: Joseph R. Lewis and Lew Ojeda Review “St. Nick”

Underground Multiplex co-founders Joseph R. Lewis and Lew Ojeda team up to review the latest release from No Budge (hurry–it’s online only until 12/13/2012), St. Nick directed by David Lowery.

This broadcast of Mediatrocites edited/directed/produced/hosted by Lew Ojeda.
Special guest: Joseph R. Lewis
Incidental music by Nate Wells and Keith Mansfield
Opening and closing theme: Acid by Yawn


Filmmaker/Promoter Kentucker Audley Goes Where Few Other Indie Cinephiles Do

Film Threat just released an interview with Kentucker Audley, one of the pioneering figures in the “No Budget” film movement on his website, NoBudgeFilms.com.

Audley’s promotions concentrate on the ultra-low budget filmmakers who will never get a shot at serious national promotion due to any number of factors. It could be the very personal or avant-garde approach to the features. Perhaps, it’s the eschewing of personal publicity, as in the case of the current featured filmmaker Frank V. Ross, who has no website, Facebook nor Twitter accounts. Most likely, though, it’s the PR machine that puts Hollywood megabuck releases and the “smaller, more serious independent” multi-million dollar films into our consciousness.

Touting his site as promoting “real independent film,” Audley writes:

NoBudge exists to give credibility to films that probably can’t make money. This is a missing link in independent cinema. The only films you hear about or take seriously are ones that can make money. This doesn’t seem right. We’re talking about art here. How can we accept being exposed only to cinema with commercial prospects?

I’m also glad that he bursts some bubbles flying above the heads of prospective young film students:

I think it’s important for young filmmakers to know it’s nearly impossible to make money in indie film, and that shouldn’t be their motivation. I had the same fantasy: that I’d make one film, and then be thrust into indie significance and financial gain, but it’s a fantasy, and I’m glad I’m over that. I’ve had other jobs this whole time. I’ve never made any money directing films. Of course, it’s possible, but there’s so many other reasons to make a film.

As more truly indie filmmakers realize that distribution online is one of the few chances they’ll ever get to have their works seen, NoBudgeFilms will become quite important.  TUGM is doing its part with Brain Kitchen Theatre, an outlet for microcinema distribution and a chance to meet and discuss with filmmakers about their work.

No Budget is not just a category of independent filmmaking, it’s a movement to counteract old distribution models that are of little help to filmmakers.



Director Burke Lewis presented his lovely movie BILLY WAS A DEAF KID in person at our Brain Kitchen Theatre in May of 2012.

It was an intimate gathering of fellow filmmakers and movie lovers, including director Mike Gibisser (Finally Lillian and Dan) and author/cult leader Katie Rife (Everything is Terrible).  A rigorous and illuminating exchange of ideas and stories ensued.  We celebrate this inaugural assembly of the Mighty Beings of the Kingdom of Nawizopaati.

BILLY WAS A DEAF KID XOX from The Underground Multiplex on Vimeo.

Listen to the Director’s Q&A in its entirety right here:
Billy Was a Deaf Kid Q&A(appr. 100mb)

Special Thanks to director Kentucker Audley for curating BILLY WAS A DEAF KID at his site No Budge , a haven for the American Underground.

Watch the Movie in its entirety RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW FREE:

Billy Was a Deaf Kid from Rhett and Burke Lewis on Vimeo.